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Al*********ng Jul 5 2024

Dylan was an amazing tour guide. We loved it!!!

Sh************ey Jun 9 2024

Lower Antelope Canyon. Guide was Jerry!! Absolutely fantastic!!! Through Ken’s tours. Beautiful scenery, the guide was spectacular!!!! Can not give him enough stars. He spent time talking to everyone and took pictures for the entire group!!! Wonderful job.

Te*********es Jun 6 2024

Tony was a great guide and taught us a lot about Navajo culture which was great. Antelope Canyon is an incredible place

yo*****im May 25 2024

It was very good and satisfaction.

Jo**********ez May 21 2024

Easy and fast answer

MA**********TA May 7 2024

It was a wonderful experience . Our guide tour, Keaneu is excellent!

Ta**********ra May 5 2024

It was a very good tour. I was impressed by how good the guide's photos were. I participated in Group G6 on May 3rd at 12:30.

La*********ck May 4 2024

The tour of Lower Antelope Canyon was the highlight of our Utah/Arizona trip! It was nothing short of amazing. Our tour guide, Dillion, was wonderful. I have about 200 pictures to remember this experience by and will cherish each one. Yes - there were a lot of people in front of us and behind us but we never felt rushed throughout. Highly recommend!

An**********ra Apr 21 2024

This is an incredible tour hosted by Jerry.

Br************fe Apr 16 2024

Magical and very well organized considering a high number of people.

gi**************to Apr 12 2024


Tracy Mar 31 2024

Had an issue initially, I clicked one date and it confirmed another but I rang up and Louis fixed it for me right away. Thank you!

Ha*********ck Mar 20 2024

Great experience, our guide Jerry was great. Most beautiful scenery. A must see

Al**************na Mar 19 2024

Wonderful experience! It doesn't matter if you go with a large group, you can enjoy every single moment.

Ol*******ve Mar 18 2024

It was a long wait because the time slots were backed up from the rain. But it was still worth it!


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